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Propecia (Finasteride)

Propecia (generic name: Finasteride) is a steroid reductase inhibitor. It is used in treatment of certain types of pattern hair loss in men. The medication works by drugstore online no prescription reducing the amount of dihydrotestosterone hormone (DHT) in the body, preventing the conversion of testosterone to DHT. This mechanism of action results in blocking of certain types of hair loss in men to buy Propecia. This condition of hair thinning on the scalp - which is called male pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia - is a pretty common one. Its advanced forms result in balding or receding hairline on the top of the head.

Propecia is for use by men only. Finasteride, the active ingredient of Propecia, can be absorbed through the skin, and tablets of this medication should be handled with great care in buy antibiotics order not to be taken by a child or a woman. Propecia can cause birth defects, if a pregnant woman is exposed to it. The coating of intact tablets protects from contact with its active ingredient, but if the tablet is crushed or broken, it becomes really dangerous to handle. If accidentally a woman or a child comes into contact with a crushed or broken tablet of Propecia, they should immediately wash the area with water and buy doxycycline online. Propecia may increase the possibility of developing prostate cancer and breast cancer in men. In case you notice pain or lumps in breasts, nipple discharge or other breast changes, contact your doctor immediately.

Follow the prescribed dose and administration mode strictly when using Propecia. Take it with a full glass of water before or after having a meal. Do your best to take Propecia at the same time every day buy Valium no prescription. The success of treatment with this medication depends on its regular and long-term use. The benefits of the medication can be seen as late as after three months of Propecia daily use. If within twelve months of use you notice no changes, you are not likely to benefit from its further use. If you want to stop taking buy Ambien online no prescription, discuss it with your doctor, since you may lose the gained hair within 12 month after you terminate your treatment.